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The LEAP engine family represents the next generation of aircraft engines with state-of-the-art technology. Find out how we successfully integrated the LEAP-1A engine into the existing product portfolio.

Lufthansa Technik is an authorized LEAP-1A Service Provider licensed by CFM International


Dietmar Focke

Head of Engine Services

+49 40 5070 2294

Paul Rusch

Head of Entry into Service CFM LEAP

+49 40 5070 70747

Nowadays the airlines have different requirements.

Meet our expert and get some insights on our solutions for parked and leased aircraft.

Dr. Alexander Feuersänger

Head of Fleet Services

+49 69 696 67355

From a repair of a single component to a service level guarantee for your entire fleet. Meet our expert and find out how we can support you worldwide with customized component solutions.

Dr. Georg Fanta

Head of Commercials Aircraft Component Services

+49 40 5070 3499

Cyclean® Engine Wash is an on-wing solution that allows you to resume flying directly after the engine wash without any hurdles.

Meet our experts and learn about benefits and exciting use cases.


Feliks Wandt

Head of Engine Life Cycle Services EMEA & Asia Pacific

+49 151 58903117

Florian Prinz

Head of Engine Life Cycle Services, Western Europe & Americas

+49 151 58931273