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AVIATAR community

What is the AVIATAR community?

In designing AVIATAR, we rely heavily on a user-centric product development approach. As a consequence, we incorporate our customers‘ experiences, feedback and ideas into the further development of products. We aim to maximize the benefits our customers gain from using AVIATAR and to meet their specific wishes and requirements.

To improve user engagement, we are launching the AVIATAR community. The community enables quick and easy exchanges between clients and the AVIATAR team as well as from customer to customer. Share your feedback and learn from other users‘ experience. Be the first to know about upcoming product features or updates, and benefit from exclusive e-learning content such as product tutorials, training sessions and specific use cases.

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The AVIATAR community at a glance

Benefits of the AVIATAR community

Customer-prioritized product development

New product updates and features

Improved feedback process

Know-how exchange with other users

Exclusive community events and webcasts

Exclusive e-learning content

Exclusive e-learning content

Product tutorials

Training sessions

Product-specific workshops

User success stories

Use cases

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