How we engage and innovate for a sustainable MRO industry

Lufthansa Technik pursues sustainability along three distinct pillars:

  1. We operate one of the most efficient production networks in the aviation industry and constantly reduce our own environmental footprint.
  2. With innovative products, we moreover help our airline customers to reach their ambitious sustainability goals.
  3. Our employees pursue social sustainability for our local communities.
Sustainability Brochure EN (PDF)
Sustainability Brochure DE (PDF)

Cyclean® – Wash and go

Regularly cleaned engines require less maintenance and less fuel, thus protecting the environment. With Cyclean®, Lufthansa Technik has developed an engine wash that allows this previously time-consuming procedure to be completed directly at the gate – and now takes just 45 minutes.

Cyclean – Wash and go (PDF)

Into the future with hydrogen

An ambitious vision is on the horizon: hydrogen has the potential to enable climate-neutral flight operations. Lufthansa Technik is already laying the groundwork to get this new approach to flying airborne.

Into the future with hydrogen (PDF)

AeroSHARK - Shrinking the carbon footprint and improving the bottom line

Close to 5 million tons of kerosene per year. That’s the fuel savings the global fleet of aircraft could achieve with AeroSHARK coating technology. And we’re well past proof of concept.

AeroSHARK - Shrinking the carbon footprint

New life for old parts

An aircraft’s life is long. Several decades often pass between Entry Into Service, modification, resale and decommissioning. But even then, it is often not the end of the line. End-of-life aircraft contain spare parts and valuable materials that can be reused.

New life for old parts (PDF)

Flying into the future

One of the constants in the aviation industry is change. Global warming and the continuous growth in air traffic are now demanding this from airlines more than ever before. What developments will shape the industry in the future?

Flying into the future (PDF)